newport mall shooting jersey city

Newport mall shooting jersey city: Have all of you also come here to watch the video of Newport mall shooting jersey city, so congratulations to all of you. Through this article, I will try to give you complete information about newport mall shooting jersey city.

Although this article has been covered by other news websites as well, but they have not given accurate information. That’s why our team thought to write and publish articles on newport mall shooting.

What is newport mall shooting jersey city

If you understand its entire controversy in a nutshell, then a boy opened fire in the mall of Jersey City, due to which there has been a ruckus in the entire mall.

Although he tried to know from the people about the atmosphere of that time, he told that after hearing the sound of bullets, he started running away after saving his life. But the police reached him at the right time, due to which no one was harmed.

It is being told by the police that this person, who opened fire in the mall, has kept him in custody till now and will be put in jail for legal offenses.

newport mall shooting jersey city

If you want to watch newport mall shooting jersey city video then I have embedded the link of youtube video from which you can get information through video also.


However this puzzle is not the incident when Newport Mall shooting took place in Jersey City. Even before today such accidents have happened in Jersey City.

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