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shyla rodden roller coaster video: Recently, a lady from Melbourne who has met with an accident on a roller coaster and someone uploaded the video of her on the internet, which is being shared on all social media platforms. This incident happened in Melbourne.

If you all want to see that lady’s shyla rodden roller coaster video, then you must read the article till the bottom, we will definitely embed that video in this article.

woman was struck by a roller-coaster

The woman who was injured by the Rebel Coaster attraction at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday is 26 years old. Whose name is Sheila Roden. She is still in the hospital and is in critical condition. She has become very ill due to roller coaster accident.

After this incident, the video was first shared on Tiktok, after that the video started being shared on all social media platforms. But that video has now been removed from some platforms. Because there are some such scenes in it. Those who do not follow the guidelines of social media.

If we summarize the whole video, Sheela can be seen standing on the ground near the track of the rebel coaster and a speeding car is seen running near them. Due to which this accident happened to them.

When she exits the bottom of the loop-the-loop, she is hit by a lead cart, which is then pulled up to the track and thrown into the ground from a height of about nine metres. From whom their accident happened.

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Accident

It has been proved by the police that the woman had strayed on the tracks at around 5:45 pm. Her phone was also lost, due to which she could not even call anyone for help.

Those who were at the event and Sheela’s family have claimed that Sheela fell from the ride; However, the video shows a 26-year-old woman standing on the ground within the safety rail of the roller coaster, which was so devastating before the moment of impact.

This video has now been removed from social media.

Shylah Rodden Roller Coaster Video

Since the woman’s accident, her oncoming ride has been stopped so that police and WorksSafe can investigate what happened, but they reopened it the next day.

According to stories published in The Herald Sun, detectives were informed that Sheila had broken into a locked area to grab her lost cell phone, despite promises that personnel would stop the ride and receive it for her. have done.


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